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Birthday Celebration Ideas

Birthday Celebration Ideas

15 Quarantine Birthday Celebration Ideas Birthday comes only once in a year, and they are special to everyone. Why let them go uncelebrated? 

Birthday celebration Ideas - Birthday Celebration Ideas

If you think that partying around in pubs, clubs, and discos with your friends or eating in an expensive restaurant is the only definition of celebration, then you are sorely mistaken. This quarantine celebrates your birthday differently and changes the underlying meaning of the celebration that you have ever thought of. 

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I am here with some exciting ways that can help you celebrate your birthday at its best. Some of the ideas are – 

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Party Idea’s

  1. Group Video call – Contact as many people as you know, who are special to the birthday person. Ask each of them to hold one or two alphabets stuck to one stick and call the birthday boy or girl. Just sing and show the HAPPY BIRTHDAY signs to them.
  2. Use signs and billboards – If it is your neighbors birthday, then the whole society can sing from their apartment windows and greet and wish the birthday boy/ girl.
  3. Virtual Birthday party – If it is your friends or family member’s birthday and they are not with you at present. Just make a video call to them, and you can sit in front of your screen and make your dinner virtually together and also chit chat at the same time. This will give the birthday person a feeling of being with friends and having fun gossip as we do in a real bday party.
  4. Bake and Cook special – Even if you do not know how to bake, then also take online tutorials and bake for the birthday person a small sweet cake from the resources you have. Also, cook their favorite dishes from the grocery products available at home. Pleasing their taste buds is one of the best ways to make them feel special. So make their birthday finger licking.
  5. Compile video msgs and make a film – If the birthday person is stuck in a distant place during this lockdown. All your friends and family members can do is. Record short BIRTHDAY messages of 2-3 minutes each and compile them into a short movie. I am pretty sure they will get so happy to see that in this tough time too, their people are there with them.
  6. Pamper yourself – If it’s your birthday and you do not know what kind of surprise your friends will give in this lockdown time, make your self- pampering routine ready. Today, you can ditch some of your time and take that relaxing spa, manicure, or pedicure that you were planning for long. Perfect 50th Birthday Party Themes for YouBirthday Inspire
  7. Donate food to the needy – Surely, you cannot go to those expensive restaurants and dine-in with your friends. Also, since most of the industries are all shut, so poor people don’t have much to eat. Figure out such poor localities in your neighborhood and contact the police authorities in your area and give them the money or food items so that they can distribute it by following social-distancing during this Corona Lockdown.
  8. Play Online Games with your gang – Your favorite board games are all online. Play with your friend’s ludo, chess, poker, etc. You can do this while you are already connected with them on a live video call to have the real-time feeling of playing together.
  9. Hand made cards and gifts – Hand made gifts have almost lost their presence in our life. In today’s busy life, people go to stores and choose gifts easily. This has even made us lazy. This is the time to go back to those days when the feeling was much more than money. 
  10. The handmade gifts and cards can give that exceptional feeling which no money can ever give. In today’s world, people can provide you with everything easily but not their time as it is previous. Make the birthday person feel important and happiest by showing them your creativity.
  11. Dance and sing together – You can decide some time and can connect on a video call. Everyone can play the favorite music of the birthday boy/ girl, and they can dance from their own place. This way, in this lockdown, you can follow the social distancing criteria and party too.
  12. Recreate the childhood memories – Remember, how during the school days we use to distribute sweets and candies in the whole class. Recreate that by distributing some homemade cake or candies to your neighbors and get their blessings. Remember to wear a proper mask and gloves before doing so. Follow social distancing while doing it.
  13. Celebrate with parents and grandparents – You celebrate it every year partying with your friends. This time celebrate it by being around with your family. Your grandparents will remind you about your childhood birthday celebrations and parents will surely leave no stone unturned to make you feel special. I am sure you will feel the best.
  14. Dress beautifully – Since day 1 of lockdown, most of us are in comfortable pajamas. Today dress well. Get ready in your own way. This will make you feel terrific and different. After all, dressing up does not require you always to do it when you are going out.
  15. Decorate with more creativity and fewer resources – Since all the shops are closed in this lockdown so try to use plants, flowers, and other decorative stuff available in your house to give the birthday person a positive feeling. You can put colored chits on the wall with messages if you have no other thing handy at present.
  16. Watch your favorite movie online – All you can do is, along with the above. Make a good mocktail as per your taste and some snacks, and you are all set to enjoy your favorite movie. Be that from your childhood or some latest one in your watch list for long. 

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So, do not get disheartened that your birthday has fallen in this Corona times and lockdown. Rather make this birthday much more special by trying out the above mentioned birthday celebration ideas during the lockdown. Make it memorable and unique. Stay safe, stay home. Pray for the world. Let us recreate the definition of celebration and make the upcoming birthday’s special.

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